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GAP Selling: Increase Sales by Closing the Gap

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The gap selling methodology helps reps gather as much information as possible about where the prospect is now, where they want to be, and the reason for the discrepancy between the two—because that gap is at the heart of every sale.

We can’t sell to a customer’s desired future state until we understand their current state completely. We accomplish this by learning – by asking probing questions, listening, and comprehending them, their situation, and their challenges. 

We never offer a product or service for sale. We are selling the impact our product or service has on the customer’s current environment as well as its ability to assist them in reaching their desired future state. Stop focusing on ourselves and our products and start focusing on the customers and their problems.

Customers in B2B (business-to-business) sales may have several desired future states, such as increased profits or more inbound leads.

Make a thorough list of everything they want to accomplish and prioritize it.

These nine qualities are required to become an effective Gap Sellers:

  1. Curiosity: Gap salespeople are inquisitive and do not hesitate to ask questions in order to learn from customers. The best get really good at it, and customers begin to value their questioning and learning process.
  2. Critical Thinking: Gap Sellers excel at connecting the dots between their curiosity and a solution with an end goal in mind. They are not only excellent questioners, but they also develop excellent critical thinking skills throughout the process.
  3. Empathy: To effectively gap sell, salespeople must connect emotionally. The customer must believe that the salesperson is on the same side of the table as them, experiencing the same level of pain from the problem.
  4. Problem Solving: The goal of gap selling is to solve problems. We sometimes have to help the customer find the problem in order to fix it.
  5. Leadership: Gap sellers are more than just salespeople; they are leaders who invest in themselves by learning about their customers’ industries, challenges, and opportunities. They do not regard themselves as merely ‘salespeople.’ They are experts in their field who are dedicated to resolving issues and assisting customers.
  6. Creativity: Effective Gap Sellers have the ability to think creatively and predict the future. They frequently see problems before others and are able to plan ahead of time to avoid or overcome them.
  7. Deliberate Learning: These people are high achievers, top performers, and committed to lifelong learning. They value education and believe they can always learn more.
  8. Coachability: Gap sellers are self-aware and open to feedback from others, but they are also confident in their abilities.
  9. Business Acumen: Effective Gap Selling salespeople are business-oriented and know how to run a business. They are so dedicated to learning and growing as business professionals that they never stop expanding their business knowledge.

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