Sandler Sale Method

Sandler Sales Methodology

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Sandler sales methodology advises sales representatives to act as consultants rather than as typical sales representatives whose primary goal is to persuade the prospect. A typical salesperson will concentrate his efforts on the closing stage of the sales process, whereas a Sandler salesperson will focus his efforts on the qualification process. The Sandler sales model requires both the seller and the buyer to be equally invested in the selling process. This methodology is divided into seven steps, bifurcated into 3 stages of the methodology:

  • Establishing the relationship
  • Prospect qualification
  • Sales closing

Here are the seven steps of the Sandler sales process.

1. Relationship building and bonding 

Bonding and rapport will fall under the category of “Establishing the relationship.” During this stage, the sales representative will lay the groundwork for ongoing and future communication. The representative will inquire about the prospect’s business and offer solutions. Essentially, the sales representative will communicate in order to establish a relationship rather than to sell a product. This connection will eventually lead to the prospect purchasing the product in the future.

2. Up-front contracts

The Sandler sales model’s second step is “Establishing the relationship.” In this stage, the sales rep will define further communication after a healthy communication with the prospect. Essentially, it will serve as a road map for all future communications and the topics of each talk.

3. Pain

The “Prospect Qualification” stage begins at this point. The Sandler sales model places a strong emphasis on lead qualification. While other sales processes are more concerned with closing sales, this model ensures that the solution is the best fit for the prospect. Finding the pain point is the first step in lead qualification. And this stage necessitates a slew of questions! The sales rep will get to the bottom of the problem by asking the right questions. On the surface, the pain point of the problems may appear in many cases. However, the true reason may necessitate some investigation. And identifying the pain is the most important aspect of being a Sandler sales rep.

4. Budget

The budget is also an important aspect of “Prospect Qualification.” In this stage of the Sandler sales model, the sales rep will ask the prospect for a specific budget. Instead of determining whether the solution is affordable to the prospect, this methodology focuses on clarifying this factor in the first run. Once the prospect provides a number, the sales rep can either proceed with the process or abandon it. This can be a critical component for businesses that offer customized solutions. The sales rep can create a custom solution based on how much money the prospect is willing to spend.

5. Decision

The decision stage is the final stage of “Prospect Qualification.” The sales rep will qualify the prospect by carefully considering all of the factors. During this process, the representative will go through each conversation from beginning to end, checking each requirement. The representative will also double-check to see if the tailored solution is a good fit for the prospect. After the decision stage, the prospect is finally qualified and moves on to the closing stage of the deal

6. Fulfilment

This is the first stage of “Sales Closing.”  During this stage, the sales representative will ensure that every decision-maker is satisfied with the chosen solution. They will be able to sign the contract once they have received approval.

7. Post-sell

This is the final stage of the Sandler sales method, in which the rep will continue to provide support and assistance to ensure that the prospect has chosen the correct product. Post-sale is also an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell additional products that may be beneficial to the prospect.

Why is the Sandler Sales Methodology unique? 

Other sales methodologies focus on closing more sales, whereas the Sandler sales model focuses on qualifying the lead and ensuring that the prospect is aligned with the right process. This lengthy lead qualification process may also result in fewer sales closings. However, if the prospect chooses the wrong product, they will realize it sooner or later and look for something else. The Sandler sales methodology will assist you in selecting the best customers. It can provide you with a strong base of loyal customers while significantly lowering your churn rate. 

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