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Working From Home Top 10 Tips

By June 8, 2021 July 30th, 2021 No Comments

With the majority of the world working from home at the moment, it is critical that we maintain our productivity while also taking care of ourselves. It is critical to maintain our productivity and health in order to keep our minds and bodies working. 

Here are some tips we have learned along the way: 

  1. Get up when you normally would for work 
  2. Follow your usual routine for getting to work: exercise if you can – get outside into the fresh air if you can – shower, shave, and put on makeup (if you usually do). Dress as if going to work – Go to your “place of work” and keep it separate from your social space if possible. Have a plan for your day – this is essential for productivity. 
  3. Begin work and proceed as if you were in the office. 
  4. Create a separate workspace away from distractions.
  5. Eat healthily: it’s easy to snack constantly at home however avoid this if you can.
  6. Take breaks, make them a habit, and get some fresh air if possible! Maybe talk to your co-workers – use platforms like Skype, Slack, and Zoom.
  7. Take lunch and other breaks as normal
  8. End your day with a plan for tomorrow
  9. Stop working and begin not working; make this explicit to avoid allowing work and non-work to blur – this is one of the most significant challenges to productivity.
  10. Turn off the TV and other similar distractions while working because they will steal your time and money! 

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